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Multifunctional Car Rear Hook with Phone Holder

Multifunctional Car Rear Hook with Phone Holder

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Maximize Car Convenience: 2 in 1 Car Hook - Hidden Multifunctional Rear Headrest Hook with Lock Type Mobile Phone Holder.

🚗 Hidden Multifunctional Design: Transform your car's headrest into a versatile storage and phone holder.

👜 Car Hook: Keep bags, groceries, or other items securely in place, preventing spills or mess in your car.

📱 Lock Type Mobile Phone Holder: Safely mount your phone for easy access to navigation or hands-free calls while driving.

🔒 Secure and Stable: The lock type holder ensures your phone stays in place, providing stability during car rides.

Enhance your car's functionality with the 2 in 1 Car Hook, offering both storage solutions and a secure phone holder for a smoother ride.

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