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Star Ring

Star Ring

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Adorn your fingers with celestial charm through our Silver Star Ring. Crafted with precision, this enchanting piece captures the brilliance of the night sky. Embrace the timeless beauty of this star-inspired ring, a perfect accessory to add a touch of celestial elegance to your style.

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  • Material: Sterling Silver | Weight: 1.9g
  • Design: Star
  • Complimentary Shipping

Ring Size Information

【Size 4】Diameter: 14.9mm/0.58inch (Approx.), Circumference: 47mm
【Size 5】Diameter: 15.7mm/0.62inch (Approx.), Circumference: 49.3mm
【Size 6】Diameter: 16.5mm/0.65inch (Approx.), Circumference: 51.9mm
【Size 7】 Diameter: 17.3mm/0.68inch (Approx.), Circumference: 54.4mm
【Size 8】 Diameter: 18.1mm/0.71inch (Approx.), Circumference: 57mm
【Size 9】 Diameter: 19.0mm/0.74inch (Approx.), Circumference: 59.5mm
【Size 10】 Diameter: 19.7mm/0.78inch (Approx.), Circumference: 62.1mm

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