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  • Assistance in combating knee pain
  • Aid in strengthening joints
  • Assistance in the recovery of joint movement
  • Boosts confidence in exercising
  • Improves stability and balance
  • Innovative material provides compression and light warming, increasing blood flow in the region
  • Over 2 thousand satisfied customers
  • Free shipping nationwide
  • 90-day warranty, available directly in our store

Flexible spiral steel wire on the sides and gel stabilizer
Ergonomics to create pressure on the knee and an innovative gel stabilizer, for protection and support of the patella. Provides comfort and stability for rotational movements on both sides without loss of flexibility.
Strengthening of the joints
Helps to regain knee movement and, consequently, strengthen the joints without causing discomfort.
Return of confidence to perform movements
Helps to provide more freedom and confidence in performing the movements you need in your daily life.
Cutting-edge American technology

Specially designed with a focus on the 5 main points of compression and support.

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